And then it all went downhill

Last time i posted about my great success buying Jersey Oil And Gas and how I made loads a money. I couldn’t believe how easy it was so of course I can do it again. Or maybe not!

14 Feb RBS 450@239.95p.   As well as buying more stock in JOG i also bought that much loved and super well run bank, RBS 😮. Yes I am that stupid. 😯 Believe it or not I actually thought they couldn’t still be that bad and figured the year end results would prove me right.


I woke on the morning the results were announced to hear of their horrendous depts, ran to the computer and sold the lot for 244.15p just before the price crashed. Thankfully I still managed a small profit of £10.65 or just under 1% so I count that as a lucky escape as it is still down from the price I got for it.

15 Feb sold Capita 200@519.05 Like I said in my previous post Capita wasn’t performing as well as JOG so of course it must be a dud so I sold it. To be honest I don’t know enough about the company to be able to comment on how good it is but sufice to say since selling it has risen by around 10% so that’s how good my call was. In fact it was doing so well I bought it again 

27 Feb Capita 180@549p Needless to say since buying again they’ve done nothing but I’ll probably hold them for a little longer this time. 

Next post I’ll fess up to the biggy. This is the one that so far anyway hurts the most.


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