Dogs with Fleas! but then I beat the system!!!!!

Last time I admitted to my biggest biggie so far Acacia Mining. This time I have to admit to doing three more dodgy deals.

24/2 AA PLC 400 @ 257.8p

15/3 Dechra Pharm 60 @ 1701p

31/1 Lloyds Bank 1445 @ 66.5p

I call these dodgy but I guess given time they will probably rise. I bought them after hearing good results or reading good things about them but followed my well proven method of buying at the peak of a rise just in time to watch them fall. In my novice world all my shares are supposed to rise every day so to see three of them slump by over 7% in Lloyds case is depressing. Thankfully I have bought back into JOG recently and over three purchases got my holding up to 1000 shares which are going very nicely. The combined cost is around 307p with a price at time of writing of 315p.

In my headline I hinted at a success so this is it. Before I start I just want to say sorry for the smugness.

On Thursday night 6/4 I decided to try and play the market by selling a block of shares when the price peaked, then buy back when the price dipped. I had noticed a pattern of peaking in the morning and dipping in the afternoon, add to that the Friday PM dip which seems to be a thing and I figured I was onto a winner.

So I set a limit order to sell 650 @ 325p on Friday morning and watched the price on the Yahoo App running on my phone. It reached 326 at one point so I thought they had sold, unfortunately either the Yahoo App isn’t very accurate or a sale had occurred at 326p but I didn’t happen to be the seller. Either way when I checked the price on X-O it was 323.5p. I figured this was close enough so I cancelled the limit order and sold them at best. 323.5p gave me a healthy profit so even if part II of the plan failed I was still in pocket. That was around 10:30am I then set a new limit order to buy 665 @ 315p and waited. I was busy at work for a few hours but as I was driving home the price was still around 318p, then at around 4pm the price suddenly dipped and I had bought again. Even better, when I checked I had only paid 312p for them. Not sure how that happened but I ain’t complaining. Even more betterrer, I hadn’t realised JOG is in the AIM market not the FTSE 100 or 250 so there is no stamp duty to pay. That put an extra tenner in me back pocket I hadn’t reconned on. I had turned 650 shares into 665 and put an extra £15 in the kitty so I now have 1015 shares in Jersey Oil and Gas.

BTW my confidence in the rise of JOG is down to hearing they have partnered with Statoil to drill a new oil well and from hearing from an Oil Expert called Malcy that they are almost guaranteed to reach £5 by August in the run up to drilling.

I hope he is right.


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