My timing aint gettin any better :(

I’d love to be able to say my buying was improving but unfortunately not. Or maybe more accurate to say my selling isn’t improving. What I mean by that is I’ve bought 10 different companies since the 26th of Jan, buying 19 different times and sold 8 times. Of the 8 sales i’d have been better off keeping the shares for longer 6 times. I think what this means is my picking wasn’t the problem in most cases but my lack of patience and on several occasions panick selling when i should have been sitting.

Anyway two more shares I bought are Everaz PLC  and WS Atkins.

22/3 Everaz 460 @ 219.23p

3/4 WS Atkins 39 @ 1886p

To be honest I’m not even 100% sure what they do but I think Everaz is a mining and steel company and WS Atkins is some kind of architecture company. I bought Everaz because it seemed to be on an upward curve price wise and i bought WS Atkins because i heard it was due for a takeover. At time of writing i still have Everaz and for a while it was doing really well peaking at 240p but has since fallen back. I think I’ll hold it for a while longer though. As previously stated selling too early has been my biggest mistake.

WS Atkins is another matter, like i mentioned I bought it because of news of a takeover. Had i bought at the right time this would have been a great move. Buying after the price had stopped rising however wasnt sensible at all. I quickly realised I’d been stupid and sold again losing only the the fees and a few quid. Another lesson learned about looking before you leap.

My last purchase is another pick from Malcys bucket list. This is a list of up and coming oil companies he draws up every year, using his knowledge of tbe industry.

10/4 VOG 1530 @ 77.75p

13/4 VOG 1400 @ 71.992p

Victoria Oil And Gas is a company drilling in Cameroon and from what I’ve heard has made some good finds. It is also already supplying to customers in Cameroon. This one might be a bit of a punt but so far so good. At least this time I did some research before buying but it remains to be seen whether I’m better off relying on dumb luck.


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